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A sad day in the fight against climate change

Apparently Better Place is preparing for bankruptcy. I wrote an optimistic post about Better Place years ago, when they were just about to launch. They created a swappable battery system for electric cars along with corresponding battery swap stations. In my opinion, these were the most credible cure to range anxiety for electric vehicles. Batteries take a long time to charge, even on Tesla's Supercharger stations, which they ludicrously refer to as "super-quick" just because they can give you half a charge in half an hour. A swap in Better Place's stations took two minutes.

Adoption of electric vehicles will remain minuscule until the range problem can be fixed. With transport accounting for about 20% of CO2 emissions worldwide, significant EV adoption would be a massive boon to the fight against climate change. And with Better Place out of the picture, that goal became just a little bit less real.


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