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Apparently I'm the only one excited about Sony's new big e-ink tablet

Both The Verge and Techcrunch are quite negative about Sony's big new device... So much so that they compelled me to write this post. Someone should give Sony some positive coverage! I think it's an excellent idea, and if Sony needs some enthusiastic testers down under, they should send this thing my way. ;)


For those of you that haven't seen it, Sony's new device is dubbed "e-paper", has a roomy 13.3" e-ink-like display, and you can write on said display with the included stylus.

Both of the above publications seem to think that everything is fine in tablet-land and that the iPad and company already serve whatever need Sony's new tablet tries to fill. Well, I'm here to tell them that the iPad (et al) sucks for some things. Three of those are: (1) taking handwritten notes,  (2) reading (some) pdfs in full-page view, and (3) reading in full daylight. By the sound of it, Sony's new tablet will excel at all three, and that has me excited.


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