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In the work below, I've marked my own favourites with a dagger (†) and elaborated a bit about why I like them.

Takemura, S., Xu, C. S., et al. (2015). Synaptic circuits and their variations within different columns in the visual system of Drosophila. PNAS 112 (44), 13711-13716

Van der Walt, S., Schönberger, J. L., Nunez-Iglesias, J., Boulogne F., Warner, J. D., Yager, N., Gouillart, E., Yu, T., and the scikit-image contributors (2014). scikit-image: image processing in Python. PeerJ 2:e453, PeerJ PrePrints 2:e336v2

Developing tools is not often the most glamorous part of science, but it can be among the most influential. Scikit-image is a fantastic image processing library that I have had the privilege of working on extensively. If you are taking part in the revolution in imaging in biology, read this to see if scikit-image can help you make sense of your data.

Nunez-Iglesias, J., Kennedy, R., Plaza, S. M., Chakraborty, A., and Katz, W. T. (2014). Graph-based active learning of agglomeration (GALA): a Python library to segment 2D and 3D neuroimages. Frontiers in neuroinformatics 8, 34. doi:10.3389/fninf.2014.00034.

† Nunez-Iglesias, J., Kennedy, R., Parag, T., Shi, J., and Chklovskii, D. B. (2013). Machine Learning of Hierarchical Clustering to Segment 2D and 3D Images. PLoS ONE 8, e71715. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071715.

I developed an algorithm, graph-based active learning of agglomeration (GALA), that can learn hierarchical agglomeration at all levels of the hierarchy, which is important for multi-scale image segmentation problems. It produced exceptional results in segmentation accuracy. In the SNEMI3D challenge, our second submission was ranked 1st for 8 months in 2013. In Apr 2014 Neal Donnelly modified the open source implementation (detailed in the Frontiers in Neuroinformatics paper above) to regain first place, by a wide margin.

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